The New Amilon: a more complete reality for a new selling proposition

The New Amilon: following on from 100% annual average growth, a more complete organisation for a new selling proposition

The New Amilon, a more complete reality for a new selling proposition

Amilon has had a facelift in 2019, merging with ECRM Italia. Together they have joined forces to share the experiences acquired over more than twenty years of business activity.

The goals of the operation are to create an even more complete organisation, offer a new range of services and build further on the surprising growth recorded over the past 5 years: a 100% growth rate and rapid expansion in the European market.

The new Amilon is thus an international-level company combining ECRM Italia’s experience in the areas of loyalty management and data analysis with Amilon’s technological and digital innovation in the sphere of gift cards for incentives and rewards. This new structure has naturally resulted in a significant change to what it can offer the market. This now ranges from digital gift cards distributed through all available channels (B2B and B2C) to effective strategies for sales campaigns based on its “premium marketplace”, namely the data of which Amilon is the exclusive owner. This guarantees absolute security for retailers using the system.

This new proposition, prepared by a brand new internal structure, is able to compete in the international market. Valerio Pacaccio is the new COO as well as board member, working alongside Andrea Verri, Fabio Regazzoni and Renato Buontempo.

The new Amilon positions itself as a European pioneer regarding the creation and management of modern retail strategies, centring on the adoption and use of its “Branded Currency”. This innovative offer brings together in a single “ecosystem” loyalty points, coupons and gift cards, with the convergence of digital incentives, rewards and loyalty management.

These strategies, having a high yield potential, lead to higher sales volumes and offer consumers a new, convenient and fun customer experience, enabling retailers to broaden their customer base and to increase the loyalty of existing customers.

Amilon has the expertise and the full stack of technologies to offer retailers high-potential sales strategies based on Data Monetisation, within its fully controlled and protected premium marketplace. The target audience is carefully singled out, making it possible to define consumer profiles, from those who might potentially become customers, based on their interests, to those having a real intention to purchase, already being in possession of a gift card that will presumably be spent in the near future, so-called future buyers. All of these data are gathered in a premium marketplace, in which sales are managed solely through direct agreements with single advertisers, and not in open-market mode, guaranteeing absolute security.

It is not only Amilon’s new offers that are of considerable interest: products that have defined the history of Amilon’s incentive and reward schemes remain valid solutions for businesses and retailers, indeed the company’s flagship products.

Idea Shopping has proven to be a top-notch product on a day-to-day basis, continuing to attract new B2C users as well as the B2B public: companies that use Idea Shopping gift cards as incentives, rewards and corporate gift items, welfare benefits and loyalty schemes, and the platform itself, offering their employees, collaborators and customers an exclusive shopping experience on a customisable website, in keeping with the company’s brand identity.

The same holds true for Job&Joy, Amilon’s modern online platform that offers managers and businesses a digital tool for independently creating and managing reward and incentive campaigns for employees and sales forces, adopting a “turnkey” model. The platform is fully customisable in terms of colours, presence of the company logo, reward campaigns, invited participants and a catalogue of gift cards available for single campaigns.

All of this is the new Amilon: willing to offer customers and retailers unprecedented full support and assistance, and ready to write a new page in the Italian (and international) story of loyalty, rewards, incentives and media.